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“A leading service provider of ICT infrastructure with high creditability and emphasis on the innovation of ICT infrastructure to develop the next generation of IT personnel.”


  • To transform IT innovation into services for corporate customers in order to develop the country towards digital economy.
  • To provide ICT infrastructure services to Thai customers on the basis of security and international standards, and to serve as the data center of Thailand.
  • To operate businesses that generate satisfactory return with continual and sustainable growth.
  • To be a good member of the society with environmental consciousness for the benefits of stakeholders and society

Core Value

  1. Innovation INET appreciates every idea that develops better solutions in response to customer’s needs. In our terminology, innovation is more than just providing better goods or services-it includes business process optimization or improvement as well. Innovation is part of everyone‘s job.
  2. Neutral INET has a firm belief that we can prosper together with stakeholder including shareholders, customers, staff, partner alliances and society in general. INET, therefore, attempts to balance the benefits among every stakeholder
  3. Energetic  INET benefits from the diversity of our people. Our business succeeds by holistic communications, sharing, and working together where INET respects each other both the customers and internal organization point view. INET is well prepared to be alert in new technology all the time to order to responsible to both internal and external customers with sense of enthusiasm. Hence, it can be ensure that our mission will be complete on time in order to meet the customer’s needs both present and in the future. 
  4. Trustworthy Our personnel are professional, honest, responsible, ethical and reliable at all times, INET does not engage in any unethical activities. We firmly believe that begin a good corporate citizen can lead us to the greater success , INET treats the competitors with fairness and in accordance with free market competition principles witch will in turn benefit our stakeholders in the long run.



Cloud solutions service is a service which allows user to utilize any IT resources over the internet under the information Security Management System of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 20000

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The Company provides full Internet access services with various speeds and service areas cover all provinces. Users are able to access the nationwide Internet networks.

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INET IDC is a service center for various kinds of services provided to all business organizations or agencies that need to present data through Internet/Intranet networks, both public and private networks

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